UPDATE: Police officially charge man accused of firing weapon at Guntersville fireworks show

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Guntersville Police have charged a man accused of firing a gun at someone at the city’s recent fireworks show.

Police arrested Sanchez Watkins after they say he  fired a weapon at a man near Civitan Park on Friday night.  Police said there were several witnesses who saw the man fire the weapon, and there were several hundred people in the crowd, waiting for the fireworks show to start.

Police Chief Jim Peterson says Watkins and another man were involved in an ongoing dispute over a woman.

Watkins is charged with reckless endangerment because Peterson says other people could have easily been hurt.


  • jennifer

    But they didn’t say anything about the woman they were supposedly fighting over had a protection order against her ex husband. He was only protecting her. But Noone knows the whole story

  • jennifer

    Oh and he didn’t fire it at him he fired it in the air to get him to step back. News channels and police really need to get their stories straight

  • soldier

    fired it at him fired it in the air my children and grandchildren were there so i don’t see what it matters. he could have made better choices. to me he deserves to go to jail and moreso eat the slop that marshall county jail provides to there finest. he ain’t got no sense. it could have gotten real ugly down there and alot of folks could have been hurt all over a woman. he could have called the police himself.

  • BanStupidPeople

    Thanks Jennifer Walthall for your one sided opinion. Keep the drama on Facebook!!!!!

  • Brown Sugar

    People need to get the story right…there is three side to a story..his side..her side and the truth.

  • Kids!

    I just hope justice Is done and this lunatic doesn’t get off with fines and probation! Their has been too many mass shootings and innocent lives taken by a gun and this could have been another one of those instances! I was there and saw it all so I say let the police and investigators do their job which is why they are there to begin with! No way of justifying this! He was wrong in every way and needs to be taught a lesson ! I hear this is not his first time pulling a gun on someone !

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