Featured Job: Police Officer

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This is law enforcement work in the protection of life and property through patrol, investigation of a specialized nature, assistance to citizens, arrest and detention, and related activities. Work involves prevention of crime, the enforcement of laws and ordinances, investigations of a specialized nature, crime scene investigations, apprehension of criminals, internal investigations, special assignments, patrolling of assigned areas, enforcement of traffic regulations, accident and crime scene investigations.



Work involves an element of personal danger and investigator/officers must be able to act without direct supervision and must be able to exercise independent judgment in meeting complex emergency situations. Work is performed with independence within established policies and procedures, and is reviewed by superiors through observation of the effectiveness of work performed and results through reports, observations, and discussions.




Must meet specific requirements as stipulated by the Alabama Peace Officer Handbook:  Training Commission and other legal criteria as required.  For basic Police Academy must meet all requirements set forth in APOST Rule 650-X-4-.02 and for Lateral Police Academy must meet all requirements as set forth in APSOT Rule-650-X-4-.03.

Must pass Huntsville Police Academy curriculum as specified by the Chief of Police or his designee.


For a complete job description which includes the physical and environmental factors of the position, please visit: http://www.huntsvilleal.gov/HR/jobspecs.php