Video: Trucker pulled over for honking horn at speeding officer turns the tables

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A video posted to YouTube by a truck driver named Brian Miner captures an exchange between an Illinois State Police trooper and Miner that starts contentiously, and ends without Miner being issued a citation he was threatened with.

As the trooper opens the door to the cab, he tells Miner he’s been pulled over for unlawful use of a horn. Miner rebuffs him, saying he was honking at the trooper who he accused of being on a cell phone while speeding.

The two continue a frosty exchange to a point where the trooper tells Miner he’s going to be ticketed, and Miner tells the trooper he’s being recorded.

After the revelation, the trooper’s behavior changes dramatically, so far to the point that by the end of the traffic stop the trooper apologizes for speeding, saying he wasn’t paying attention. He didn’t write Miner a ticket, saying he didn’t want to hurt his record.


  • Michael

    Typical lying cop that thinks he’s above not only the law but the rest of us as well. The only thing the truck driver did wrong was answer any questions.

  • Jim E Henson

    Anybody who buys this.I got news for you.Do not play with the police ever.The mask at the beginning of this hanging all up and smiles is a clue.This is fake I know lots of enforcement officers in Illinois.And this joe would have been made managers special of the day.Any talk back gets you deeper into a big nasty situation.He is Full of ambition and beans.Please honk your horn in Chicago at a trouper and give him some lip please,huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh

    • Warren Searfoss

      Jim if you would have read the whole article and watched the whole vid you would have seen that the state police of that state confirmed that this really happened

  • Ken

    I think this should be a warning, not only to those in positions of power who may abuse it, but to all of us. We are entering an age where technology will keep us all honest. While we can’t be perfect, we will not be getting away with what our parents and grandparents did. This is and will be a tough transition for many of us who grew up able to tell an occasional lie to get out of trouble. But, it will be for the best. If we all always act as if there is a recording device nearby, we will learn to practice civility and respect. We will all be better for it. Big brother? We are all now big brother. Holding each other accountable, as it should be.

  • tina estrada

    I think it takes a little more time then that , to do an inspection……..and yes like the comments below state more people need to video…………………….This cop would of wrote this innocent man a ticket I believe, if he wasn’t videoing……

  • Jason

    We all are guilty for letting the government and people in power control us. Seeing reactions to this looks as if people are afraid of people in power when this country was created to be run by the people and for the people. I think our government needs an overhaul or maybe we should just do away with it and start over. Our constitution even grants us the power to abolish the government. When did Americans become such scared followers who will let anyone lead them into anything. It’s time to hold the government and people in power accountable and for Americans to stand tall. I say kudos to the guy and shame on people for giving cops that much power over us!

    • Christian

      You are correct about it’s time to abolish our government and start over. It’s time we exercise that right because the government we have now is broke, usless, gets nothing done for a salary they don’t deserve. I will tell you if we don’t do something serious about the clowns running this county, we will lose our country.

  • June Thompson

    Fantastic job trucker. You handled your self well. It was plain he thought he had authority and intended to talk you down. GOOD for you!

  • Allen Smith

    I can’t believe this trooper acted the way he did. As a former law enforcement officer, the one’s I know would have made this pitiful scene a whole different story. Guaranteed!

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