Santa’s Helpers Helping Children in Need Year Round

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A Madison County couple started Santa's Helpers out of their home seven years ago. Now, they're helping hundreds of children in need.

While most of the giving happens during the Christmas season, they supply toys and bikes year round.

"If we can help turn one child's life around by doing this, that's what we're after," says founder Barbara Thomas.

Thomas and her husband came up with the idea to help kids years ago. Santa's Helpers has grown over the last seven years. Now, they have a storage facility full of stuff kids would love to have.

With the help of their son, they buy junk cars. Whatever profit they make goes to supporting Santa's Helpers. Other family members pitch in too.

"I wanted my grandchildren to learn Christmas is about giving and not just receiving and so we made all of our grandchildren aprons," explains Thomas.

The grandkids wear the aprons when they hand out gifts to those less fortunate. Thomas says it's all about helping others.

"Help us to help others," says Thomas. "We're more of a community service than a charity."

As much as they give, the Thomas' still have needs.

"Right now, we need help," says Thomas. "We need volunteers to help us bicycles together. We need volunteers to help us have yard sales to keep the rent paid. We need help."

Help has arrived in the form of $319 in pay it forward cash.

"I can`t believe you`re doing this," cried Thomas. "That's one more month's rent. Thank you so much."