Discounts for battling mosquitoes

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - On this week of the Fourth of July, WHNT NEWS 19 is taking action to save you money and maybe even save your skin.

This week's Money Saving Monday report takes aim at mosquitoes and some discounts out there right now for you if you want to take action to get rid of them.

Since thousands of families around north Alabama will be spending time outdoors celebrating, we did some homework for you and found companies offering some sweet deals to get rid of the pests.

"As many mosquitoes as we can get, that helps all of us out regarding diseases that they spread," said Judy Eckley, manager of Mosquito Squad in Huntsville.

She said her crews are swamped with appointments for people seeking relief from the pests. Companies like hers are offering various discounts to fight mosquitoes.

"We offer retirements discounts, we offer military discounts, we offer new customer discounts," Eckley said.

Her company treats homes, day cares and special event venues.

"We use pyrethians and they will get mosquitoes. They will also kill adult ticks on contact."

She emphasized the chemicals do not pose a risk to children and pets, as long as you wait 30 minutes for the spray to dry.

Mosquito Terminators, also in Huntsville, has a special offer of $35 off a treatment.

The pricing starts at $75 and is based on the size of the area to be sprayed.

And WHNT NEWS 19 dug a little deeper to make you aware of more mosquito protection options.

There are several smart phone apps available that claim to repel mosquitoes.

The developer of "Anti Mosquitoes" says it's 100% scientifically proven to send out ultrasound tones that humans can't hear but mosquitoes can. It's free to download, but then you do have to pay $1.99 for a special sound.

Keep in mind, industry experts say August is the peak season for mosquitoes in the Tennessee Valley.

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  • Nuclear Mike

    “Pyrethians” have been demonstrated to have severe health effects on adults over the age of 50 with blood pressure …every harsh pesticide has its’ potential to cause health problems, but then mosquitoes do too.

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