Bob Jones Principal Robby Parker recovering from bicycle accident: “Don’t worry, I’ll be back.”

MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) —  Bob Jones High School’s fearless leader, Robby Parker, is recovering at home from a serious bicycle accident. Parker was on a 30-mile ride this weekend when his bike malfunctioned and threw him off. He has a broken femur and went through surgery Saturday night to place three pins near his hip. Parker can’t put weight on that side of his body for 8 to 10 weeks, but he told WHNT News 19 he isn’t going to let this injury hold him back from his duties as the Patriots’ principal this fall.

“I’ll be at work,” said Parker. “Now, I won’t be able to run up and down the halls, I’ll have to hobble a little bit but I’ll be there.”

Even though he’s physically out of commission for now, Parker’s still holding down the fort. “I’ve gotten in trouble,” he joked. “But I’ve been working today and some yesterday, just trying to get all our people in place.”

Four assistant principals at Bob Jones are moving on to other endeavors this fall. That means Parker has a brand new crew to help him around the high school. “The new AP’s will very likely be people in our system that are moving up to administrative positions.” He said he’s not worried. “We’ve got a wonderful teaching staff and office staff and our teachers know where to go and where to be.”

Parker is taking it easy at home for now. If you’ve ever met him, you know he’s always on the go. When asked how he feels about the outpouring of support he’s seen, he said he’s grateful to have a strong support system surrounding him like the Bob Jones family. “They are my guys , they’re my kids. I’m very thankful that they are concerned and everybody’s been wonderful. Of course, my wife takes care of me and my two boys take good care of me but I’m very thankful for all the friends we have within the Madison community.”

As for his future bike rides, Parker has been doing triathlons for about 25 years. In fact, he competed in one just last week. However, he said it might be time to retire from the sport.

“I’m too old to be breaking hips,” he laughed. “I can’t be doing that. That’s just a little too much, so that might have been my last one,” said Parker.


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