UAH professor gives thoughts on situation in the Mideast

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Dr. Kathy Hawk is an Associate Professor of Political Science at UAH.  Her specialty is International Relations, U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security Policy.

Hawk was deployed as a Naval Officer to Iraq in 2007, with intelligence-related duties, and recently visited Egypt.  She has quite a perspective on what's happening in the Mideast, and visited Egypt just a few weeks ago.

"It's a very complex situation. There's not an easy answer. At this point, we're looking for the least bad, rather than what is the good option," said Dr. Hawk.

We asked if she saw this coming, after American troops left the region.

"Yes, but even before that. When we went in 2003, you could make legitimate arguments that something had to be done about Saddam. But the way we went in, and the lack of planning for what was likely to happen, and we based a lot on naive assumptions. We set the stage for this.

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  • T.J. Sampson

    I like Dr. Hawk’s thought process. She’s a smart lady and I learned a lot about international relationship politics during my time at UAH. I’m glad WHNT had her on to discuss this subject.

  • Shaundos

    I am not doubting her intelligence…I know the whole middle east is a total disaster…not knowing enough about what she was saying led to my confusing.

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