Shooting in Huntsville Sends One to Hospital

huntsville vining ave shooting

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville Police are investigating a Thursday morning shooting.  It happened just after midnight on Vining Ave.

Investigators are looking for the shooter who witnesses saw running away from the home.  They say someone shot the victim on the front porch of the house located on the 2400 block of Vining Ave.  Witnesses told police two people walked by the home, then one of them took out a gun and shot the victim.

Paramedics took a juvenile victim to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Investigators brought in a K-9 unit to search the area.

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  • Red

    All very insightful and necessary comments. Always the “sad” or the “…north huntsville” or some other jewel. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to read such things from you masters of the written word.

    • BlindedbytheTrutharntyou

      great comment, 300 million guns in this country and less than .01% are used by CRIMINALS, the rest are owned, legally, by law abiding citizens and yet you blame the guns. how about you start blaming the real problem in the story, criminal behavior. If not for guns then swords, if not for swords, tire irons, if not for tire irons, baseball bats, if not for bat, sporks. do you see the pattern yet sunshine? blaming the tool ignores the user.

      • Say What

        Blindy, it is obvious that from your logic you would be ok with citizens having high explosives under their beds and in their closets. You must be ok with citizens having anthrax in their refrigerators. As long as those “tools” are not misused they would be ok? Right? Don’t blame the tools! Right?

      • Joseph Collins

        @Say What, you are missing the point that Blinded is using, right or wrong, that the object is benign (usually) until someone with criminal intent or just plain ignorant, decides to use it. Banning the object will never, and I agree, never change a persons behavior. If they intend is to do harm, it will get done whether it is with a butter knife or anthrax. Everyone’s focus on the object is failing to blame the responsible party. You don’t ban a car for the drivers misuse and cars do kill more people than guns every year so the principle is the same.

      • Say What

        Joseph, I understand that point. What I am asking Blindy (and you if you want to answer) is how far you would take that hands off attitude. So would you be ok with citizens having explosives under their bed and in their closets? So can I assume that you would not have any problems with the parents of your kid’s best friend to have anthrax in their refrigerator when they go over and play?

    • Michael

      Sure, lets completely ignore the stats that say gun violence has decreased over the last couple of decades.

      • Say What

        It is still the highest of any industrialized country. I like the drop that Australia experienced when they got serious about guns!

      • BlindedbytheTrutharntyou

        don’t encourage him. he is the guy blaming an organization for the behavior of the individual instead of blaming the individual for its choices in life. you cant argue with this type of ignorance so no matter what his answer, it will be caustic. criminal behavior is tied directly to the individual – nothing more nothing less.

      • Me

        That’s exactly why I asked. If he wants to make a connection to race and crime (which would be accurate) it doesn’t make sense that he would also try and blame an organization for the behavior of thugs. That’s not in any way logical thinking.

      • Me

        Because it is. The statistic he stated where a particular race that holds only 13% of our population is responsible for 70% of violent crime is a prime example. Look it up and you will clearly see that minority races are responsible for a higher percentage of crime than they should be responsible for. It doesn’t make sense for a group who is only 1/4 of our population to be the ones responsible for over 1/2 of crimes.

      • Say What

        Me, the statistics that you are using are for arrests and convictions. Do you really think that the criminal justice system is so perfect that the arrest and conviction numbers reflect who is really committing the crimes? Does every person that commits a crime end up in those statistics? Crime statistics only document police activity, not actual actual criminal behavior.

        I think some people (you and Bob) see what they want in the numbers!

      • Me

        They may not be 100% accurate, however I would assume they are not so inaccurate as to make up for the fact that one small group is responsible for such a large percentage of crime. If it were close to being borderline then your argument would be relevant but given the differences I couldn’t care less what you have to say. You are just another liberal trying to blame everyone except the person responsible for what has occurred. They’ve had a hard life, they’ve weren’t given enough free therapy, they were racically profiled… blah blah blah nobody cares anymore.

      • Say What

        Me, good dodge! The criminal justice system is very racially and economically biased. To not see that fact, you must either be totally ignorant or just a racist looking for numbers to support your views — or both! Libraries are full of books documenting the injustice of the criminal “justice” system. I will suggest just one (I do not want to overload your brain), but I expect that you will not read it. If you dare, take a look at Michelle Alexander’s, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.

      • Me

        You can suggest I read some liberal book all you want, if Huntsville is any indication of what happens in the rest of our country I would stick with my previous statement. We hear of shootings almost every day, hate to break it to you but I haven’t heard of a single one happening in a predominately white neighborhood. Nearly every shooting occurs in North Huntsville where the majority of residents are a minority race. Most of these cases aren’t even about convicting people either so if we are talking raw crime statistics minorities appear to hold more responsibility in numbers.

      • Say What

        You did not disappoint me — Me!! You are not paying attention. There are stories of violence by whites everyday. We are talking about the connection between race and violent crime — not just shoortings. Your racist mind only allows you to see the ones that fit your sad perspective.

  • Me

    We were talking about the connection between race and violent crime, or at least that is what bob was talking about. If we are talking about Huntsville, violent crime happens in north Huntsville, home of the minorities. I’m not making that connection to be rude or say that whites are superior, I’m making it because something needs to be done. It’s ridiculous that these people have been taught it is okay by people like you who don’t want people to be held accountable for their actions. If I wanted to go even farther I could point out that minorities typically are democrats so therefore they contribute to the much higher number of incarcerated democrats compared to republicans. Wasn’t it you who likes to say that republicans can’t handle certain things because their brains are incompetent… seems it’s your kind whose brains can’t handle following the law.

    • Say What

      This all started when you said you agreed with Bob. I never said anything about Republican brains. Are you off your meds?

      • Me

        And he said the comment about race and violent crime…learn to read. On every post you comment about how the people you argue with (all republicans) are unable to absorb your wisdom because of their incompetent brains …

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