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Thieves attempt carjacking in Seattle, can’t drive stick

Photo: KCPQ

Photo: KCPQ

SEATTLE – Three men with a gun tried to carjack a 70-year-old woman outside her home but were unable to drive her car because it was a stick shift, according to KCPQ.

Nancy Fredrickson had returned home from buying things at a garage sale. She was removing her purchases when three young men approached her and told her to give them her keys.

Fredrickson threw her keys on the ground and the three men got in the car.

Once inside, the would-be carjackers realized Fredrickson’s Kia was a manual. None of them could figure out how to operate it.

“I could hear them trying,” Fredrickson said. “They put the keys in, they turned the lock, but they couldn’t figure out how to get it started.”

The three men eventually gave up and fled the scene. Surveillance cameras captured them fleeing but they have not yet been apprehended.

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