Night Glasses Not Great

Glasses designed to help you see at night and cut down on glare are a staple of the “As Seen on TV” market.

The Nightview glasses cost us $9.99.

The packaging says they turn the night view “bright.”

The glasses have a yellow tint that claim to reduce eyestrain and help you see at night.

We tried them and we did notice a difference. What we noticed was everything had a yellow tint to it.  As for helping cut down on glare, flare and the noise of night lights to help with driving, we didn’t notice any difference.

In fact, I thought the yellow was a little distracting.  But, I could probably get used to that if I planned to use them often.  I don’t really plan to use them.

It just didn’t do much of anything except change the color.  The Nightview, we’re not crazy about and make them a Dud.



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