Voters could change majority of Huntsville City Council

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Voters in Huntsville are nine weeks away from picking who they want to represent them on the Huntsville City Council. Ballots will show three seats are open. The open seats present an opportunity for the council’s majority to change.

Five people fill the seats next to the mayor's to make up the council. District Four Councilman Bill Kling isn't ready to leave his chair.

“I really like working with the neighborhoods. I think we have some great things that are happening,” said Kling.

District Two Councilman Mark Russell, who’s also the Council President, wants to keep his, as well. He's aware there will be at least one new person on the council.

“We`re going to have one new face because councilman John Olshefski is not running. Councilman Kling is running again and so am I,” said Russell.

School Board Member Jennie Robinson wants to cast a wider net. She's running for the seat in District Three.

“I was not done with public service. I feel there are some exciting opportunities ahead for the city and particularly south Huntsville. I wanted to be a part of that,” said Robinson.

Robinson's opponent may not hold a public office, but he's no stranger to politics. He ran for probate judge years ago.

Walt Hennessee is a real estate broker.

“I`m kind of like a fresh voice that comes in eager to help people who have trouble with the city because the city council is the one that is closest to the citizens out there,” said Hennessee.

Russell welcomes all candidates. But, does not expect any surprises.

"The city, in my opinion, has been doing very well and well-run. I don`t think you will see many changes,” added Russell.

The seats for districts one and five, along with the mayor, are up for election in two years.