Madison City leaders look to turn around U-turn law

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Have you ever made a U-turn driving through Madison? If so, you’ve been breaking the law. But here’s some good news for you lawbreakers, city leaders are looking to do away with the 22-year-old law that bans all U-turns in the city.

“I`ve lived here 14 years and probably the first 12 years I did U-turns and didn’t even know it was illegal,” said Mayor Troy Trulock. “We have recently been going through our ordinances and looking at some of these and saying ‘some of them are 20 years old maybe we need to rethink how we do business’?”

The city ordinance banning U-turns was passed in 1992. It is opposite the state law that allows U-turns anywhere, except where road signs indicate otherwise.

Madison City Council members will vote on a new ordinance on July 14th.

“If it is at a dangerous intersection, [U-turns] will still be illegal,” said Trulock. “What we`re proposing to city council is letting U-turns happen anywhere in the city of Madison except for where its dangerous or a safety concern.”

A new ordinance would also help law enforcement, who have had trouble enforcing the widely unknown law.

“I think they`re put in the difficult spot if someone makes a U-turn and they see that,” said Trulock. “So I think it`s time that we clear up the laws on U-turns and allow our citizens to get where they need to go.”


  • Kat

    I’ve lived in Madison for 13 years and have never heard of this before today. There are many businesses in Madison that are impossible to get to without making a U-turn if you are going in a certain direction, due to the length of the medians. Do they want us to avoid these businesses and take our money elsewhere? Now that I know about the law, I’ll have to do just that.

  • Jason

    Kat, you know good and well you’re not going to take your money anywhere else. Where exactly are you going to take it? Across town? To another city? That will last about a week and you’ll get tired of wasting time and gas and be back at the same places.

  • Martha

    Guess I have been breaking the law all the time and didn’t even know it. I will try my best to use stores , so I Dont have too make these turns. There all so many choices on 72.

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