Madison neighborhood opposes suggestion to rezone land for shopping center and school


MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – An idea to rezone land in Madison for a new high-end shopping mall and a possible new school is not going over well with residents who live nearby.

Some residents are upset over how such projects would affect their way of life and they’re pushing a petition to stop it.

The Park Meadow neighborhood sits right across the road from what is now a wheat field in land zoned for residential building.   That’s how two women on a mission want it to stay.

“Rezoning this and putting a shopping center, an exta school and right next to all our houses, to me, is not a good idea,” said Sue Thorn, a resident of Park Meadow.

She and her sister, Eva Walding, who also lives in the neighborhood, worry about the effects of re-zoning the land at Brownsferry Road and Wall Triana Boulevard.  They believe it would devalue their homes and worsening traffic in the area.

“We have a lot of traffic on this road at anytime,” said Walding.  “But at times.. at high traffic times, you almost cannot get out of this neighborhood… it’s difficult to get into the traffic.”

The two women started an online petition a few days ago and already it has more than 120 signatures.
They argue while building a brand new shopping center may sound exciting, there are already existing centers that need help.

“We have quite a few store fronts already vacant, rundown strip centers already,” said Thorn.  “I would love to see those rebuilt up and concentrate on getting something into those empty ones.”

Nothing has been decided.

Two members of the City of Madison Planning Commission, Mike Potter and Tim Holcombe, who represent the area on the Madison City Council, have said they are listening to all sides of the issue before they make a decision to encourage the move or not.

The planning commission will meet to consider the idea and hear from the public on Thursday, June 19 at 5:30pm at the Madison City Hall on Hughes Road.

It’s open to the public.  Members may decide whether or not to recommend the move to the entire city council.


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