23 Huntsville City Schools offer meals free of charge

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Free meals for most of Huntsville's public school students is a reality many parents are delighted over.

Huntsville City Schools announced 23 of its schools will eat for free starting this fall.  The program is for anyone and will not be based on socioeconomic circumstances.

Huntsville City Schools is one of 94 districts in Alabama eligible to feed children for free under the new Community Eligibility Provision of the USDA's Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.

The provision provides free meals to all students in schools where at least 40% of the student body is eligible for free or reduced-price meals.

The schools where students will eat breakfast and lunch for free this fall are:

Academy for Science and Foreign Language
Butler High
Chapman P-8
Columbia High
Dawson Elementary
Highlands Elementary
Johnson High School
Lakewood Elementary
Lee High School
Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary
McDonnell Elementary
McNair Middle School
Montview Elementary
Morris Elementary
New Century Technology High School
Providence Elementary
Ridgecrest Elementary
Rolling Hills Elementary
University Place Elementary
Westlawn Middle School
Whitesburg P-8
Williams Elementary
Williams Middle School

Individual items like milk or juice are not free. Only full meals at qualifying schools are free of charge.


  • Alan

    The program is for anyone and will not be based on socioeconomic circumstances”—NOT TRUE.

    If every school in North Huntsville is providing free food… why not South Huntsville as well. If you are going to feed some children, why not feed them all? Why do the working parents with good jobs still have to be responsible for their childs food and those who arent dont have to? What is the point in even working and striving to do your best…especially whhen the government is handing out free stuff every direction you look. In my opinion, the poor probably make MORE in BENEFITS than the wealthier.

    • Me

      Agreed. It’s pretty ridiculous that a person who chooses to be a loser will be given handouts while the rest of us work for what we have. Worst part of it all is that those children who grow up in families like that will more than likely continue to live like that simply because they never learned it was not normal or a negative way to live. I wouldn’t say that the poor always make more than the wealthy through handouts however… they only make more than those who work for minimum wage as opposed to chilling at home.

      • Sick of Stupid

        Oh ME surely you are smarter than what you just wrote…. So you are agreeing with Alan up there that everyone in North Huntsville is a loser because they have a child attending one of the program schools? Be careful who you align yourself with because you will be judged by those same associates. The rest of your comment is fairly accurate although a little harsh. You trivialize the poor who do manage to pull themselves up out of the life of handouts and are successful. Comments that are made with such broad brushes generally wipe out any detail in the images being painted. Negating truth with stupidity is just not very smart.

      • Me

        I never said that anyone who has a child attending one of those schools is a loser, I said that those who choose to receive handouts (which are paid for using money from those who do work) instead of working are losers. There really is no justification in my mind for that type of behavior, it all occurs because of choices that have been made. Regardless of background, every person has options. Just because the successful route isn’t always easy should not take away from the fact that it is very much so an option, it just may require sacrifices. I personally see those who were raised in government housing and grew up using handouts who have since became successful to be amazing role models for the communities they were raised in. If only more of them were willing to be spokespeople in a sense for college and further education. This continued cycle of poverty has the ability to end, handouts for votes are not the answer.

      • Another NHSV Loser

        That’s funny because the first word you wrote was … Agreed. And that means you agreed with Allen and his comment…… so Sick of Stupid is not off base in his assessment of your comment.

      • Shirley Knot

        Good Grief, I just got home and read this and saw the first few comments. I was amazed because some commenters are willing to let children suffer because of the actions of the parents. Not everyone in these zoned schools needs free meals but the cost to administer the free lunch program surely is not any more than the actual costs of the meals they are providing. Some of these kids don’t eat except at school and that includes kids with working parents. This program is not exactly what I would have thought advisable on the surface but the reality is that this directly benefits the kids. It cannot be corrupted by ‘loser’ parents or societal failures. This is one of the few hand out-up programs that I actually support and hope it does spread to other districts as part of our education tax dollars. I would much rather see our kids eat for free than the tax dollars being wasted on some other money pit idea our elected social engineers come up with.

  • Morgan

    “The program is for anyone and will not be based on socioeconomic circumstances”—-

    The provision provides free meals to all students in schools where at least 40% of the student body is eligible for free or reduced-price meals.

    Is it just me or are these two totally contradicting statements. It should read “If you live in North Huntsville, we will feed your kid for you so you dont have to.”

  • " a loser"

    I live in North Huntsville and yes my son will attend one of those schools receiving the free meals. I am not a loser, I get up every morning and go to work to support my children and I have been doing so for a long time. All people are not losers just because they receive free meals. Next try you should filter your comment a little more..

    • Sick of Stupid

      I agree, I guess I am one of those hard working class “losers” with a good job who happen to have a child attending one of the listed schools. Maybe I need to move to South Huntsville so I can be one of the “cool” families with way to much opinion and not very much humility. I despise the government ‘handouts for votes’ programs that seem to be all the rage today BUT there are still good people that fall on hard times that need a hand UP and use it to their benefit. Alan your statement may have a shred of truth in it but you just shat on almost every North Huntsville resident in your statement and for that we all could care less about your opinion and hope you get to experience what so many others around the country have had to deal with. I hope your kids never have to hear the words, “sorry dear we have no money for food so you have to eat those free meals at school until I find a new job” but considering your attitude I would laugh in your face if you ever had to speak them.

  • CAKE

    Please note that not all schools listed are in the north Huntsville area (ex. Williams, Providence, etc.). Additionally, stereotyping only shows ignorance.

  • Parent

    Students at ASFL come from all over the Huntsville City School system thank you very much, my child is one of them and we live at the edge over in NW Huntsville near Madison. Not to mention that kids at Providence Elem. come from a lot of middle class and upper middle class areas (we used to go to there, so I know this). We have good jobs and pay good taxes and provide extra school supplies, and school fees every year because others can’t, so it’s about time something came from all the tax dollars I pay. Does that mean I’ll take advantage of this program being offered? Maybe, maybe not, but there are such a lot of people jumping to conclusions on here without knowing all the facts or thinking things through.

  • Shelie

    I live in one of these so called “loser ” neighbor hoods full of “lazy ” people . I personally work 40 hrs a week as does my Husband ,we are both attempting to make a better life for our children as are the vast majority of people in our neighborhood and school district . Also for those of you who are ignorant as to what studies say about nutrition and grades /success of students I urge you to use your computer for something other then putting down people who you do not even know and instead educate yourself . Also ten bucks says the ones complaining will be sitting in a pew this Sunday asking God what has happened to this world , what would Jesus do indeed ?!?!?!

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