Tent City closed for good, homeless moved to temporary housing and shelters

tent city

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Tent City, the homeless camp under I-565,  has officially been shut down.

The state Department of Transportation ordered the closure last year. The deadline was pushed back several times.

On Friday, there were still 15 to 20 people still living under the overpass, but by Monday afternoon they were all moved out, leaving behind only empty tents and abandoned belongings.

Advocate group volunteers drove back and forth from the camp throughout Monday morning, ensuring no one was left behind under the overpass, and taking them to shelters, apartments, or even new campsites.

“We have been getting them with our organization and other organizations to get them apartments, get them off the streets,” said Sandra Childress, Vice President of Operation Stand Down.

Still Serving Veterans and Priority Veterans also helped find and fund housing for the 10 homeless veterans living under the overpass.

Tent City has served as a place for Huntsville homeless for more than 20 years, so the department of transportation’s order to shut down the camp left the residents and volunteers reeling.

“I think it`s ridiculous there should not be a reason why if there`s somebody who`s homeless can`t stay at places like this,” Childress fumed. “They aren`t hurting nobody. They`re away from the main streets.”

Huntsville Police stopped by the campsite Monday morning to oversee the move. Sergeant Mark Roberts tells WHNT News 19 the Department of Transportation will be back later Monday afternoon to lock the gates surrounding the campsite.


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