Kids to Love: Jonathan

This week we have a kid who loves sports! Football, basketball, baseball, you name it! Johathan is this week’s Kids to Love. He’s 14 and finishing the 8th grade. He’s a sweet kid who’s all boy.

“I like to go huntin’ finishin’, bowling, I love going swimming.” Jonathan said.

He’s a good hunter.

“I killed an 8 point buck!” Jonathan said.

He has been in foster care most of his life.

“In DHR custody since I was 2.” Jonathan said.

‘What the hardest part?” Lee asked.

“Some people not understanding what is going on in my life.” Jonathan answered.

“Have you had to move a lot?” Lee asked.

Jonathan nods…

“Do you know why we’re here today?” Lee asks.

“For me to find me an adoption home.” Jonathan answers.

“Is that something you want?” Lee asks.

Jonathan Nods..

“What kind of family do you want?” Lee asks.

“I want somebody that I have a sister a big brother and some animals, horses and stuff like that, I like.. I wanna go to the country.” Jonathan says.

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