Grover, the bear, comes crashing down after ‘funeral’ in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Residents along Grove Avenue in Huntsville may feel sad now, when they look out and see an ugly stump in front of 206 Grove Avenue.

That’s where Grover, the bear, stood for nine years.  That was, until Saturday night at 7 o’clock.

Grover’s wood carver and creator, Steve Reavis, took a chainsaw to him as his neighbors –some in costume– watched.

It took Reavis about five minutes to cut through Grover’s legs.  Meanwhile, three men holding onto a blue rope draped around Grover’s neck stood in position to pull the wooden bear down to the ground.

It fell as people watching shouted out, “Bye, Grover!  We love you!”  All of this followed a tongue-in-cheek funeral that neighbors staged.


A group of about 20 people followed a lone bagpiper down Grove Avenue, ending up in front of the bear.  One person was dressed as a coroner.  Another person carried the chainsaw.  Reavis walked along too.

Reavis said he decided to bring Grover down and lay him to rest after he realized the bear was rotting from the inside out.  Already, one arm of the bear had fallen off.  Reavis wanted to spare his creation’s dignity by cutting it down before it fell down for other reasons.

Reavis laughed at the whole ordeal.  He said he’s thinking of planting a Japanese Maple Tree on the same spot where Grover stood for nearly a decade.