That bites! Mosquitoes could be even bigger problem soon

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The heavy rains that deluged the Tennessee Valley for more than a week seem to have passed. However, small pockets of water remain in roadside ditches, bird baths, gutters, buckets and more.

That could be a problem in a couple of weeks. Stagnant water plus warm temperatures equal an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. In Huntsville, a partnership with the Madison County Health Department allows for city streets (within Madison County) to be fogged for mosquitoes.

Still, health department officials urge residents to be proactive about removing any stagnant water from their property. Cheryl Clay, public health environmentalist for the Madison County Health Department says, “if you have anything that’s holding a teaspoon of stagnant water, it can breed mosquitoes.”

In addition, Clay says residents should clean out their gutters and scrub out bird baths once a week. Also, Madison County residents who are experiencing problems with mosquitoes should call the Vector Control Division at (256) 532-1915 or email  Division workers can do an assessment of your property and come up with a plan if action, if needed.

Once you’ve done your best to remove any breeding grounds, there are other precautions you can take. You’ll find a comprehensive list here, on the health department’s website. Click here to see the last time your street was fogged.   Just enter your address in the box in the upper right corner for the information.