Picking Public Art: Huntsville Arts Council wants your help guiding public art

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – You can have a say in what public art in Huntsville looks like going forward.

The Huntsville Arts Council has a survey you can take to express your opinions on what public art should look like.

We stopped by the offices of The Arts Council, where you find works to match all different tastes.

After all, art comes down to preference.

Spokesperson Joanna White says, “I really follow my instincts, so it just depends. It might be the color or the form of the piece. It might be the artist I know personally, and I can see them through the work. It might be that I have a perfect place in my house for it, although that’s pretty rare, usually I just buy the art and find a spot for it.”

Everyone picks art differently. That’s the point of this survey.

If you want to enjoy the city’s public art, you should consider filling it out.

White explains, “We hope to get some great public input on the current art that’s out there on the Huntsville landscape as well as art people would like to see in our city.”

You can explain why you like the pieces in your community, or pick pieces you’d like to see come here.

In fact, the survey itself takes on some of the qualities of the art it seeks to influence.

White adds, “We want to see community creativity and engagement through public art. We want to open people’s minds. We want them to think abt the environment around them.”

So do your part to make your community more beautiful and more interesting.

You can take the survey for yourself here.