UPDATE: Yellow Pages Removing Directories Dumped In Cemetery, Along Rural Roadside In Lawrence County

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Late word Friday afternoon from Yellow Pages spokesperson, via email: The two sites in the Chicken Foot community of Lawrence County, where hundreds of new Yellow Pages telephone directories were dumped, have both been cleaned-up.

The company is working with independent contractor DDA Inc., who delivers telephone directories throughout Lawrence County, to make certain this doesn't happen again. While the spokesperson declined to specify what action might be taken against the company, they do say unfortunate situations like this rarely happen but when they do, they try to act quickly to clean it up. They conduct an internal investigation and hold those responsible accountable.

We also spoke with Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell Friday afternoon who said his department had not been made aware of the dumping. Mitchell said it sounded like a breach of contract issue and not a criminal matter.

Lawrence County residents, who did not receive a new telephone directory, may call 866-329-7118 to request a free replacement directory.


MOULTON, Ala. (WHNT) - If you live in Lawrence County and haven't yet received your new telephone directory this year, we may know why.  Employees hired to deliver the phone books just threw hundreds of them away. Some wound up in a cemetery, others on the side of a dirt road.

Jessica McAbee says when she saw it, she couldn't believe it. and what she found made her angry.

"Well my husband and I rode through last night with my family and, we come and check it every now and then because we mow it, and at the back of the cemetery was a big, huge pile of phone books somebody had dumped and it was right in the middle of the road and you couldn't even get by," McAbee told WHNT News 19.

This is the Bald Knob Cemetery. There are more than 500 graves here, including several Confederate soldiers, graves dating back to the early 1800's. It's an isolated area, well suited for someone to dump phone books.

"We work hard to see it look good and then get back there and see somebody's just desecrated it and no, it doesn't make us feel good at all," McAbee said.

She told us it wasn't the only phone book dump site she's heard of, another isolated site in Lawrence County known to locals as Chicken Foot. No cemetery here, but several hundred undelivered telephone directories, just dumped in this wooded area. We contacted Directory Distributors Associates, the company that contracted with Yellow Pages to deliver the books. They initially told us to contact Yellow Pages. This afternoon, they couldn't be reached.

We also talked with a Yellow Pages spokesperson who had been in contact with the distributors and apparently made arrangements to get the mess cleaned up. This afternoon when we visited the cemetery, all signs of the phone books were gone. But the Chicken Foot site was still littered with undelivered directories. The Yellow Pages spokesperson told us they deeply regret the incident, the mess will be cleaned up, and residents in that area will receive a new telephone directory.

Directory Distributors Associates works under a contract with Yellow Pages to deliver the phone books. They just finished their work in Morgan and Lawrence Counties late last week. We had late word this afternoon from the yellow pages spokesperson that they are sending someone over to clean-up the Chicken Foot site today. We'll check to make certain that's been taken care of.


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