Featured Job: Substance Abuse Counselor III


Candidates must be able to work early morning hours and available to work some weekends. Candidates must be able to pass a credit check, background check and drug screening.




* Candidate will provide direct care in determining patient’s status and issues by interviewing them, obtaining personal information and medical history.

* Designs treatment and rehabilitation program by using their knowledge of alcohol and drug dependency and counseling, while tailoring the process based on patient’s needs.

* Modifies treatments by maintaining case history and progress notes while observing their patients.

* Restores patients to productive roles by educating them about available community based organizations, and social and employment services.


* Qualified candidates must have a Master’s degree in a related field and hold an active State License/ Certification in Substance Abuse for the State in which they are applying.

* Experience in substance abuse field is not required, but preferred.


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