Storm clean up in Athens hits the $5-million mark.

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a city like Athens with those beautiful old homes and big trees in the years, the rain and winds are making a hay day of the landscape and the cleanup is hitting the five million dollar mark.

It’s a costly clean up in Athens.

“We're estimating somewhere around 5 million dollars’ worth of damage, lots of over time.” Athens Mayor Ronnie Marks said.

The recent rounds of winds and rain have taxed workers.

“Our public works department and our electric workers and other departments have worked their rear off. I am so proud of these guys they have done an exceptional job.” said Mayor Marks.

With all the overtime, the clean-up is taxing the city’s budget.

“Gonna effect budget, we build in overtime and we build in some unexpected overtime cost, but we will exceed that again and again.” Marks said.

Mayor Marks hopes FEMA funds can offset the clean-up costs.

“We hope to get 80 to 75 percent of that reimbursement from FEMA, the initial cost I tell our city council it's a reimbursement fee, we're documenting overtime, and we’re documenting all debris cleanup.” Marks said.

They will keep cleaning until the job is done.

Mayor Marks appreciates Athens residents being so patient during the cleanup. He says city workers will get to every call, with the volume though it may take a little longer than normal.