Police recover stolen guitars, guns, & memorabilia from burglary of Alabama member Jeff Cook’s home

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Top row: Joshua Hammonds (L), Derrick Martin (R) Bottom row: Jacob Allen Lea(L), Matthew Patterson (R)

Top row: Joshua Hammonds (L), Derrick Martin (R) Bottom row: Jacob Allen Lea(L), Matthew Patterson (R)

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – Fort Payne police arrested four men in connection with the burglary of country music group Alabama member Jeff Cook’s home, known locally as “Cook Castle.”

Fort Payne police say Cook’s home in Fort Payne was burglarized on June 2. Among the items stolen were several guitars, sports memorabilia, camera equipment, several firearms and other personal items.

After an investigation by the Fort Payne Detective Division, several arrests were made and the stolen property was recovered.

Police arrested Jacob Allen Lea Age 34, of Fort Payne, Joshua Drew Hammonds, Age 25, of Fort Payne, Matthew Kevin Patterson Age 25, of Henagar, and Derrick Lynn Martin Age 28, of Fort Payne.

They are all in the DeKalb County Jail.

“Several departments have been involved to include Fort Payne Police, The Jackson County Sheriff Office, The DeKalb County Sheriff Office, and The Montgomery Police Department,” said Fort Payne Police chief Randy Bynum.

“This is what happens when different jurisdictions work together and teamwork occurs,” Bynum added.


  • Nuclear Mike

    How high can you build your fence Mr. Cook as obviously you have become the fav-target of the local criminals?

  • mamac

    I see how it is.His stuff is fund and thieves captured . And my stuff that 3 young men stole the cops said ” well you might not see it again” and the scum got away..And my tings are still gone.

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    MaMac people talk his things would be like I have Jeff Cooks guitar….yours well, I have a nice tool box …..

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