Police add body cameras in Arab

ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) —  Big brother is now attached to the bullet proof vests police officers wear in Arab.

High quality HD video and audio recording will now be just business as usual if you are dealing with a patrol officer from the department after local businesses donated more than $2,000 to purchase the new “body cameras” for the force.

“This will help us do our jobs better and take the guessing game out of what may have or not have happened in the field as our officers assist the public,” Assistant Arab Police Chief Shane Washburn says.

body camera1 The cameras cost about $300 a piece and soon every officer will be assigned one to wear while on duty.

Other North Alabama police departments have told WHNT the units are far to expensive to purchase abody camera2nd maintain but in Arab police believe the cost is well worth the benefits.

“To be able to show a jury what our officers are seeing out there when they make arrests helps to prove a case and put bad guys in jail,” Washburn added.

The cameras will join the police patrol car mounted cameras already in use by the Arab Police Department.


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