Edible Arrangements owner describes learning about delivery van being stolen

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Michelda Johnson says David Wessley Carter has some explaining to do. He's accused of stealing her Edible Arrangements delivery van, driving under the influence and receiving stolen property.

Johnson has a number of deliveries to make before Father’s Day.  She has mixed feelings for Carter.

"I think I have alternated between laughing hysterically a little bit then crying,” said Johnson, the CEO of Edible Arrangements on University Drive.

"Who steals a food truck?” asked Johnson. “I mean, it is a food truck. There is only one. It's only one. You're going to be found."

Investigators believe Carter stole the truck after an employee finished the day's deliveries.

"He left it running. He ran into the store and literally went to the front counter, turned around and it was gone,” added Johnson.

Johnson called 911. She also flooded social media with a picture of the van.

“I just put it out there and said you guys have to find my vehicle. It has to be found,” added Johnson.

Johnson’s friends alerted her to a police chase from Madison County into Jackson County.

She's been told Carter drove over spike strips and reached speeds of 90 miles per hour trying to get away.

"I am concerned. I hope the guy is okay, but I want to kind of choke him a little bit to say 'Come on. Is this a tryout for the dumbest criminal award?” said Johnson.

Johnson hopes to soon get a look at her delivery van. She's working to get a replacement.


  • Nuclear Mike

    What a shame for this business Lady to have your livelihood so affected by the actions of just one man…it is a shame we cannot leave our vehicles unlocked without fear…and this just does not make good sense, but then what person of good sense would steal any vehicle.

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