City leader looks to clean up overgrown and abandoned Sunset Avenue home

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -  A court order ended a two year battle between the city of Huntsville and a Five Points home owner, and now city leaders are feeling emboldened.

Councilman Bill Kling has set his sights on another overgrown home that he and neighbors say is a public nuisance

"It's terrible," said Butch Rogers, a Sunset Avenue resident. "I think it`s devaluing our property. It`s a home for rodents and other wildlife and creatures."

The house has been vacant for 15 years, and neighbors, like Rogers, say the property has been sorely neglected by its current owners.

"We've sent letters, we've made phone calls, talked to everyone in the city - I think they put a Band-Aid on it a couple times but that`s about as far as it`s gotten," said Rogers.

Councilman Kling says up until now the city's hands have been tied.

"It's a jungle house and there have been some ordinances that have actually allowed the property owner to keep the house that way," explained Kling.

However, now that the State Supreme Court order has defended the city's right to intervene, Kling has his sights set on 300 Sunset Avenue.

when something gets so infested with growth and it`s a detriment to the neighborhood and attracts snakes and rats then we want to take action. 19 34 04 24

rogers and his fellow neighbors are hoping for a more long term solution. but they`ll take whatever relief they can get.

i`d like to see it torn down but i don`t think that`s possible. at least get someone to do something where it`s not such an eyesore.


  • Cliff Blankinchip

    Bill Kling, there are a number of houses where I live that need the same thing done to them. Davis Hills area between Sparkman and Mastin Lake. They are eye sores and in desperate need of work.

  • Heather Skipper

    Um…excuse me but – STAY OFF OTHER PEOPLE’S PROPERTY. So long as you’re not attracting gang members, get over it. Some of those “eyesores” are owned by people who can’t afford to fix it. Why don’t you get off your butt and offer to renovate the house for them, since you seem to want to live in Pleasantville? Arrogant jerk.

  • Jim

    If people cant afford to fix something and keep it in decent shape then sell it. There is no need to let homes rot or the yards get overgrown like that yard.. I have lived next to someone like that in GA and I worked with the neighbor to clean it up. But I do not agree that someone should be allowed to trash up any neighborhood without civil intervention ie Code Enforcement.

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