Major Wilson Says Goodbye To The Salvation Army of The Shoals

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Shoals is a unique area to live. For Major Donald Wilson and his wife, it was like coming home. They were missionaries for a number of years in Central America, until they were relocated to the shoals.

'This community is incredible. It is an incredibly caring community. One that has shown, not only during my period of time but throughout the years , that they are very interested in their neighbors and they believe in the Salvation Army is good for everyone involved,’ said Major Wilson.

The Wilsons have been the leaders at the Salvation Army of the Shoals since 2011. Major Wilson worked as a part of a capitol project which will help increase the facilities and its services to the shoals community.

This month, the news came that the Wilsons will be relocated to the Salvation Army in Huntsville.

Workers here were shocked that the Wilsons are leaving, but are happy for their next adventure.

'As a staff, we`re all disappointed that they`re leaving. But again, we`re good with change and we will be ok,' said worker Patricia Clemmons.

The Wilsons have been in the Shoals here good times and bad times.  Major Wilson says he know he`s leaving the place in good hands.

'Well the Salvation Army is going to receive an officer who has thirty years of experience. It`s a lady. Major Sue Doorman. She comes from Tupelo, Mississippi. She has been in that appointment for seven years, I believe. And she`s going to come to continue on the major project of renovation and expansion for our shelter and EMA service program,’ said Major Wilson.

The Wilsons will start their service at the Salvation Army of the Shoals next week.