Double red flag warning, rare shark event happening on Alabama coast

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — The City of Orange Beach has posted a double red flag warning for a dangerously high number of sharks in the area.

The warning has been posted at Alabama Point and the Shell Parking lot to the east of Alabama Point, closing these beaches for recreation.

“Hopefully once people stop throwing their fish carcasses into the water, they may not be swimming in such numbers that close to the beach,” said Melvin Shepard.

WKRG (CBS affiliate) took to the air, and spotted between 100 and 150 sharks grouped together near the pass.

WKRG is still not sure what kinds of sharks are grouping together near the pass. One boater suggested they are Mako sharks, which are very common in the gulf waters.  Although everyone is strongly advised to avoid the waters with double red flags, many swimmers are taking their chances as they dive into the water. Orange Beach authorities will continue to monitor the situation.Most of the time, sharks tend to stay away from humans, only feeding on fish, and other sea life. However, we have seen our fair share of attacks here on the Gulf Coast.

Just last year in 2013, a man was pulled from the waters at Pensacola Beach when he was bitten.

One of the most remembered attacks happened in 2001, when Jessie Arbogast was attacked. The shark ripped into him on Pensacola Beach when he was a young boy. His story made national headlines, because his uncle wrestled the shark to free Jessie. Jessie survived, but is now confined to a wheel chair.  He suffered permanent brain damage.


    • Amy

      Sharks go into rivers too. Bull sharks and they are in the top three of most attacks on humans. They go into fresh water and salt water. You aren’t safe anywhere.

  • valerie

    Wow that’s a lot of sharks in one spot! Thank goodness my family already left their vacation there!!!!

  • Kristin

    I can’t believe there are people still swimming! They’ll be singing a different tune when they get bitten!

  • mamac

    “Hopefully once people stop throwing their fish carcasses into the water,So, it is NOT hard people.So, QUIT throwing fish back in the water cause it is going to cause the sharks to DIE in there OWN Territory. Remember GOD made the ocean for the animals to live there it is people CHOICE to go in the water.So, if someone decides to go in the water it’s on them.

    • Billy

      And send them to take up limited space in municipal landfills? Throw them in a trash can or dumpster to rot, stink, and attract flies?

      • vickie

        Well, gee, Billy. Maybe people could consider NOT FISHING AND KILLING INNOCENT BEINGS for enjoyment. Fish only if you’re going to eat what you catch, and compost the leftovers. Don’t throw them into garbage cans, send to landfills OR throw back in the ocean. It’s not rocket science people. Respect life. Respect the environment.

  • Mona

    i live here and LOVE the ocean and beach, but except to take a very quick cool off, i stay out of the ocean!

  • josey

    my family is planning a trip to gulf shores the last of aug should we look else where for a vacation spot

    • Audrey

      No mater were you go, there will be sharks, Most of the time they don’t like humans. Enjoy your vacation and obey the warning flags.

  • Doug

    Really people? It’s normal shark migration. They do it this time of year, every year. They’re not there because of fish carcasses. Lmao. Ignorance is bliss I guess. They’re always there, you just don’t see them because they’re not interested I humans!! SMH

  • SheriT

    “… where he was bit” … really? Can we not manage basic correct grammar in our haste to post online? Ugh!

  • Sierra

    those people who were swimming in there are stupid, I really hope nobody got bit because that would suck but it would be there fault.

  • jennifer

    Are you telling me there are sharks swimming in their own ocean? We can’t have that! We need to save their lives by gathering them and placing them in the Andes…they should be safe there…idiots!

  • julie

    The sharks have just as right as us 2 b in the water but plz dont take any chances swimming in the water

    • james

      Darcy Folks need to stop swimming where we fish. Oh and Vicki when is the last time you gone fishing? It’s called catch and release not Catch kill and release, and I think they’re referring to the fish from the restaurants….. people think before you speak.

  • jeff dean

    josey gulfshores is a wonderful place to live and vacation dont change a thing and enjoy the brautiful beaches lagoons west pass the hang out perdido key etc lived there so much to do

  • Kristin Burns

    Those aren’t the right shape to be Bull or Tiger sharks so there isn’t much worry to people. Sharks were built for the oceans people weren’t. I just hope this doesn’t cause a shark killing spree as there aren’t enough of them as there is.

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    • moreinfoplease

      All I see are 2 generic pictures. Where were the pictures taken? You led us to believe you had information and were going to expain your comment. Instead you post 2 generic pictures that I could find and copy! At least say where the pictures were taken. Complete waste of time! SMH!!!!

  • Diana

    There’s a reason why they are there in those numbers, find the cause {and it isn’t people cleaning their fish}! Maybe the fisheries dumping has caused a stream of “Come and get it” to draw them in!!!

  • Renee

    Watch the video…their main concern is for public safety, but kids are doing backflips off the concrete base of a bridge! One guys says sharks aren’t anything to him. Let them swim! They’ve been warned. Unfortunately, there would probably be some loophole way for them to sue when something happens!

  • Gwendolyn

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