Alcohol sales to benefit the town of Hollywood, Mayor says

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HOLLYWOOD, Ala. (WHNT) —  With an affirmative vote the town of Hollywood in Jackson County is going wet, which is a move town leaders say will benefit the town.

“TVA’s cutting back on their plants like Bellefonte and Widow’s Creek, and property tax isn’t coming in like it was,” Mayor Buster Duke says.

All those cut backs  means less revenue for the small town, where the population is around one thousand.

So when a petition to sell alcohol was turned in to Mayor Duke in January they started the process of getting an alcohol referendum on the ballot.

With a 98 to 55 that process became policy, joining three other Jackson County municipalities that already allow alcohol sales.

“We’re wet on both sides,” Mayor Duke says, “Scottsboro is wet up to our limits and Stevenson is wet down to our northern limits so we’re just sort of boxed in between.”

Mayor Duke says there’s been some talk of outside businesses coming in. “We have some businesses looking forward to building here, and they want it wet,” Mayor Duke says.

He says overall, the revenue from the sales will benefit the town.”The main thing, the people want to get the tax base here, they want to get some tax money coming in. Sales tax is what we need.”

Mayor Duke says ultimately it was the citizen’s decision. “The people passed it, so we’ll just go from there. It’ll take us a few months to get the ball rolling.”

There will be some stipulations in regards to when alcohol can be sold.

It won’t be allowed to sell on Sundays, and it will be package only.

The town has an ordinance against bars.