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Stand Down For Safety At Nucor Steel

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DECATUR, ALA. (WHNT) – Employees at Nucor Steel in Decatur were literally hanging from the ceiling Thursday. Seriously! It was all part of a safety program sponsored by OSHA. Falls are the leading cause of death and injury in the construction industry. So today, employees stopped work briefly to talk and learn about safety.

This is a steel mill. The work is hard, and occasionally its pretty dangerous.

“Safety is our number one objective,” says Melt Shop Supervisor Craig Cost. He says it amounts to, “Lots of training, safety meetings, OSHA training, on-the-job training.”

And so the company is taking part in a national effort to remind their employees to take the time to do the job safely.

“It’s what we focus on everyday. There’s nothing more important than our teammates, nothing more important than the safety of our teammates, and you gotta give ’em the equipment so they can perform their tasks at the absolute most safest way,” says Nucor Vice President and General Manager Mike Lee.

This week, the focus is on falls, and how to use equipment to prevent them from happening. It’s not that these guys don’t already know how to do this, this is remedial training designed to keep safety on the forefront. It can be dangerous work, so safety is on everyone’s mind.

“First of all we try to go home to our families, provide for our families and if we get hurt here we know we’re no good to our families,” says Shipping Utility Operator British Malone.

Lee says customer satisfaction is important. But he says what’s more important happens at the end of the day, when your employees can all go home.

As we mentioned, OSHA sponsors this educational effort. They say companies and employees must plan safety into every job, use the right equipment for the job and make certain employees are properly trained in the use of the equipment.

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