Local Leaders Question White House’s Commitment To The NASA SLS


(WHNT) – It’s not often you find something House Republicans and Senate Democrats can agree on, but members of both the House and Senate Appropriations committees believe the NASA administrator and the White House aren’t giving proper funding the the Space Launch System.

“The White House is underfunding SLS, and that creates the risk it may to be canceled just like the Constellation program,” warned Representative Mo Brooks.

The White House requested a $1.38 billion budget for the SLS. The House appropriations committee asked for $1.6 billion, and the Senate committee $1.7 billion.

“It’s our hope that this additional funding will allow NASA to do what it does best at the Marshall Space Flight Center,” said Brooks. “And that’s to build rockets to propel American astronauts into space so we are no longer in a position to hitch a ride to the International Space Station from the Russians.

NASA currently relies on Russian rockets to get astronauts to the ISS. Those trips cost $70 million per astronaut.

While Brooks believes commercial crew is one way to get Americans in space, he says SLS is a more viable option for long term space exploration and national security.



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