Fla. man paints American flag on home during code enforcement dispute

BRADENTON, Fla. – A Florida man said he was tired of being hounded by code enforcement over how his house looked, so he decided to give it a makeover — a very patriotic makeover.

Brent Greer says it all started when the city told him to remove an old Christmas tree from the front balcony of his home. From there, he says he got a list of cosmetic items that had to be done to his home to avoid a $250-a-day fine.

Greer says he can’t afford this. He has nine children, seven of which are adopted.

The Greer house in Bradenton

The Greer house in Bradenton

So, he decided to paint the outside of the home like an American flag. He said it may not be what code officers want, but his message is loud and clear.

“To remind the city and all who live here that this is America, this is a free country.”

Greer said he’s not finished. His next step is to paint the Liberty Bell on the second floor. The family faces a hearing with code enforcement later this month.


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