Viewer Expresses Concern Over Torn Flags on Drake Ave.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Torn flags have some Huntsville residents concerned. Faith Wimberly posted on our Facebook page about the flags in the median on Drake Avenue.

She posted some were ripped, torn and needed to come down. WHNT News 19 took action to find who’s responsible and get the flags replaced.

Wimberly, our Facebook friend, was concerned with how the flags looked. Jerry Phelps is American Legion Post 237’s Third Vice Commander.  Members of the post take care of Flag Row on Drake Avenue.

Phelps is not surprised Wimberly is concerned about the flags.

“Over the years, some of the flag poles have become destroyed by car accidents. We’ve also had to take out four poles for Fire Station Six the city is building,” said Phelps.

WHNT News 19 took Wimberly’s concern to Phelps and asked why the flags are in poor condition.

“Over the years, everything has become worn and tattered,” added Phelps.

But, the issue is deeper.

“The financial aspect of having to replace 50 flags, or 32, at $200 a piece come to about $15,000,” added Phelps.

Phelps revealed his members are older, and the attendance roster is shorter.  It’s the reason Post 237 works with high schools to handle the flags’ upkeep.

Phelps admits that’s also part of the problem.

“We had donated some money to some local ROTC. They were going to come out to help us change them out, but that never came into fruition,” added Phelps.

One of Post 237’s members saw WHNT News 19’s interview with Phelps and offered to replace one flag.

The member hopes the new flag will put Wimberly’s mind at ease.

Phelps told WHNT News 19 his members voted at their last meeting to soon remove all the flags. The members felt the flags’ maintenance was too expensive and an unnecessary burden.


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