Trinity Holds Liquor Referendum Tuesday

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - One of the races we'll be watching closely Tuesday night is in Morgan County where residents in the Town of Trinity will be deciding whether to allow the sale of alcohol. But some say it's a moot point because you can already buy liquor in trinity.

Call it one of the issues associated with annexation. While Trinity is technically dry at the moment, the City of Decatur annexed land along side Highway 24 into Trinity. So there's a liquor store with a Trinity address, practically surrounded by the Town of Trinity, but it's actually in Decatur.

The Trinity Town Council chambers are ready. There will be two lines for voters, one for the primary election, the other line for those who want to vote in the municipal referendum. Alcohol, is the only thing on the municipal ballot.

"You can go to one of the local moonshiners and get some but I say vote no. Just vote no, we don't need the taxes here, we don't, no. Just vote no, that's all you need," Trinity resident Steve Johns told us.

There are plenty of "vote no" signs in yards around town, but we never saw a single sign asking us to vote yes.

The manager at Big Al's Grocery on Old Highway 24 didn't want to speak on camera about the alcohol referendum in Trinity but he said if it passes he'll apply for a license to sell it.

Fact is, though, Trinity already has a liquor store. It's right here on Highway 24, on a narrow sliver of land that was annexed into the City of Decatur awhile back. It used to be in Trinity, it still has a Trinity address, but legally it's now in the City of Decatur. And that's who gets the tax revenue from the store.

The polls open at 7 o'clock in Trinity, and it shouldn't take too long to get the results in Tuesday evening.

Speaking of annexation, the Town of Trinity has annexed land in neighboring Lawrence County. Voters in that area will have to vote in two separate places... One polling place in Lawrence County for the general election, and back to Morgan County at Trinity Town Hall if they vote on the liquor referendum. This affects a grand total of two registered voters.