The Smell of Saving Money: Great Perfume Deals

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WHNT NEWS 19 is constantly looking for ways to help you save money, even in the smallest ways.

For example, some people may believe a person is not quite finished getting ready for the day until they put on that final spritz of a nice perfume or cologne.

WHNT took action to scour the internet to find ways for you to look good, smell great, and still have money in your pocket.  In fact, you can smell like a million bucks for free.

It can be argued that there are enough free samples out there that one should never have to buy perfume.

And this isn’t just for the ladies.  There are plenty of samples to make men smell nice too.

With all of the perfume manufacturers out there that want you to try their scents — from Calvin Klein to Gucci and everything in between — smelling fresh shouldn’t cost you much.

We found just typing in your information will bring a sweet scent straight to your mailbox.

When you venture out to the stores, you’ll find samples are easy to find and usually contain several doses per vial.

For example, beauty specialty stores like Sephora and Ulta often have a ton of free perfume samples available, that are yours for the taking.  All you have to do is ask.

There are subscription boxes available online too, which will bring the sweet smells straight to your doorstep.  Case in point:  Bergamot.  For $18 each month, you’ll receive three niche and hard to find fragrances in glass spray vials, delivered to your door.  Shipping is free.

You can save even more online.  For $10 a month, Uprising Botanicals “Scent of the Month Club” sends you a box containing a perfume spray and a travel size lotion in the same scent.

Guys, there’s something for you too.

Check out which has the motto: “Stay fresh, be bold.”  For $10 a month, the company will send out two fragrances for men to try.  Keep the subscription for as long as you like and cancel with no extra fees.

And don’t forget fashion and style magazines.  They always have two or three perfume samples.

So, breathe in and enjoy the smell of saving money!

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    Hmmmm…Momma always said the smell of clean from lye soap was all that was intended for a woman to present herself in her best attire…

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