Kids to Love: Cha’Keria

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Over the last several weeks we’ve introduced sisters to you. Tonight, we have the oldest of the three.  Cha’Keria is this week’s Kids to Love she has just as much confidence as she does style.  She’ll be starting high school this year.

“What do you like to do for fun?” Lee asks.

“I like to go out to eat, bowling, skating.” Cha’Keria answers.

She is the oldest and protective of her younger sisters.

“Tell me about staying with your sisters, is that important to you?” Lee asks.

“Yes, it’s important to me because I love my sisters, and they mean a lot to me.” Cha’Keria answers.

Cha’Keria is looking for a family that will give them a home full of love.

“I want a family that will treat us like one of their own – equal amount of love for each other and tell us everything’s gonna be alright.” Cha’Keria says.

She knows, her simple wish to stay together is a long shot.

“Like most families they won’t keep all of us cause if they see 1 child that they want, they will see that child, but if they’ve got siblings, they won’t get all of us, so I want a family that will get everybody, get like me and my sisters.” Cha’Keria says.