GOP Hopefuls Target President Obama In Local Campaign Battles

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- You won't find President Barack Obama on Alabama’s primary election ballot Tuesday, but the local campaign ads make it seem like he is.

Local Republicans have built their campaigns around who would fight Obama the hardest if elected, a ploy WHNT News 19 political analyst Jess Brown says is nothing new in the political arena.

"Everybody running on the Republican primary is running against President Obama.  He is the new symbol for Democratic Party liberalism," Dr. Brown says.

Brown says voters are not familiar with local races these days and are more interested with what is happening in Washington.

"You got a lot of Americans whose only frame of reference about politics is the national government and operators in that government," Brown added.

WHNT News 19 spoke with both Republican and Democratic party leaders who both agree they would rather hear more about local issues from the candidates.

Dr. Brown points out most of the people running on a campaign of "fighting Obama" are actually powerless to do so if elected in most of the roles they are running for.


  • Say What

    The only platform that Republicans can run on is the “I hate Obama more than you” platform! Really interesting thing is that it works!!!!

  • American

    For the record Mr. Obama didnt win the state of Alabama . I am watchimg very closely state politics and issues such as who votes for Marijuana “oils” and I plan on voting them out ! Even if its a Republican . We need clean politicians in our state and Federal levels..

    • Michaelangelo

      I plan on voting out those that would ban marijuana. Where is the concern for personal liberty and responsibility? I’m not a user of it myself, but the government has no place in telling people what to do in their own homes.

  • Say What

    The only platform that Republicans can run on is the “I hate Obama more than you” platform! Really interesting thing is that it works!!!!

  • Bill

    As much as I can’t stand the man in the White House, I have to agree with those who are saying this isn’t about the president.
    We have politicans here in Alabama that have sold a bill of goods to the public. I’m a Republican, but there are thoses who say they are that have failed their citizens that voted for them. My hopes are that our fellow Alabamians have done their homework, and pick the right QUALIFIED person for the job.
    PLEASE get out and vote! If you don’t VOTE then you haven’t the RIGHT to say anything about what ‘s wrong with OUR government. As I’ve told friends before….if you don’t DON’T VOTE, DON’T talk to me about politics!!

  • Jeremysfedup

    Oblahblah is guilty of HIGH TREASON..and I hope that y’all legalize marijuana as soon as possible. Stay high and STAY HOME..the less of you unproductive morons at the ballot box..the better.
    Thanks for voting in the most despicable piece of human excrement on the planet..twice.

    • paul

      Jeremy, yes check your history. see ronald reagan g.h. bush, for the latest. and don’t forget now, it’s all President Blackinsteins faught; that socialist kenyon

  • MAG

    Jeremy if that was your son I bet you wouldn’t be saying that . It’s not the first time and it want be the last time check your history!!!

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