Alabama’s Primary Election Today: Make Plans To Vote

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TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) – It’s time to vote.  The 2014 Alabama Republican and Democratic primaries are today.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Remember – you must bring a valid photo ID to vote.  Simply bringing your voter registration card is no longer good enough.

Acceptable forms of photo ID include a driver’s license, college ID or federally issued ID.

When you go to vote, you’ll be asked to choose a Republican or Democratic ballot.  You cannot pick both — you must select one.  Check this link for sample ballots for north Alabama counties.

Also, there are important changes to six precinct locations in Madison County.  This will impact nearly 17,000 voters.  Affected voters should have received new voter registration cards from the Board of Registrars.  If you’re not certain where you vote, check to pull up your polling precinct.

Check local and state election results tonight on WHNT News 19 and  We’ll have crews in each north Alabama county to bring you the very latest information soon after the polls close.

Mark these dates down while you’re at it – so you’ll be ready to vote in elections the rest of the year.  July 15 is the date of the Primary Runoff Election, August 26 is the date for Municipal Elections and November 4 is the General Election.


  • Nuclear Mike

    VOTE or just give up any & all “hope” that was promised to so many who know there was never any real intention for “hope” from the White HOuse….

  • Carolyn Cunningham

    Excuse me? I think there was a lot of hope. Unfortunately, the President can only do so much with a Congress that thwarts his every move, whose motivation is not to attend to business or work for their constituents, but simply to defy any and everything this President attempts.

    • Brian S.

      ROFL!!!! Hilarious!!! Congress thwarts his every move?? Drugs are bad, MMkay. Since when has this fool ever cared what congress thinks? He enacts whatever he wants regardless! This is the most lawless administration ever by a light year! The republicans have not had the power to pass anything since this fool was elected.

    • Michael

      I know, right? If it wasn’t for those pesky founding fathers writing that darned Constitution…

    • TruthLivesHere

      Your socialist savior does exactly as he pleases. To heck with the congress you mention, he said he didn’t need them. Remember him saying “I’ve got a pen and a phone”??? Yep, one executive order after another out of this tyrant. By the way, when he was campaigning in 2008 he spewed garbage about George W. Bush’s executive orders and how it would stop if he were president. Hope and CHAINS you can believe in, that’s Obama.

      • Carol

        Your comment is so true.
        What happened to him being part white? After being elected he became all black.
        Look what he’s done now, released terrorists to free a traitor.
        Did you hear his father claim the White House with Obama?

    • Jeremiah D. Bates

      The system was designed to be hard to pass legislation. The top reason other than the lack of morality and principles today that America has descended into a centrally dictated cesspool is because there has been too much compromise for 140 years. The powers at be deliberately create crises and then pass new legislation that is supposed to solve the problems they created which only consolidates more authority which will then be used to do more of the same. Problem, Reaction, Solution or Order out of chaos.

  • Glen A Strobach

    So why would the drivers license facility and ID card sections be closed the day before an election? Seems a little crazy. Just my $0.02 but seems the priorities are a little off.

  • MAG

    When you are dealing with people that doesn’t want you to do anything ,people that say no to whatever you are trying than you have to do what you have to in order to get something done. You have a do nothing congress so the president have to do it. TRUTHLIVESHERE what are you? for one I see you are a name caller

  • brkssb

    Would have been beneficial to publish a list of all candidates and their objectives. This campaign has been absent of everything. Even more absurd: PCT 53, State House 010, City H05, Senate 03, Congressional 05, State School 08, Commission 02. Sample ballot and media websites virtually useless in identifying the candidates and what each can and intends to do if elected or re-elected. ObamaCaresLess.

  • My Two Cents

    Is this truly a free election if we must pick a party rather than a candidate in order to vote in the primary?

  • NRA

    DEM_O_CRAPS hate voter I.D. because they can only vote ONCE w/ I.D. and many times w/o I.D. Liberalism is a severe form of mental illness!!

  • paul

    to all the hater republicans or tea baggers (samething) in here; the Prez; the brotherman socialist from kenya; you know, president blackinstein, will be around for over two more years! cry and complain all you want, theres nothing, NOTHING, you can do about it!

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