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State Senate Candidate Explains Idea Behind Photo of Kids Holding Guns

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Kids holding guns – that’s what voters are seeing when they open their mailboxes and pull out a flyer in support of Jonathan Berryhill’s run for Senate. The picture is making the rounds on social media.

Jonathan Berryhill Mailer

It features the conservative candidate with his wife and six kids on their farm holding a slew of guns. Berryhill, his wife, and two oldest children are holding real guns. The next two boys have pellet guns and of the two babies in the family, the youngest son held his hands behind his back while little Millie held a play gun.

The photo is spreading like wildfire on the internet, but Berryhill said most of the feedback he’s getting is positive. The family loves being outdoors and hunting and he said the portrait is meant to show voters what his family stands for.

“We love the Lord, we could have all been holding a Bible, we love to fish, we could have all been holding a fishing rod, we love to hunt, we love our firearms,” said Berryhill.

Berryhill lives with his wife and six kids on almost 100 acres of land in Lauderdale County. “We were doing family portraits and just thought it would be funny to grab a gun, of course not the young ones,” he said. “The young ones had play guns so we took a family portrait of it and my media guy put it on Facebook and it went crazy.”

Berryhill teaches his children about the great outdoors when they’re young. When they turn 5 or 6, he lets them go hunting with him. “Usually around the age of 10 or 11 years old, while we’re with them they can hold a gun, you wouldn’t have seen a picture of them holding firearms without adult supervision.”

Twelve-year-old Levi worked with his dad during target practice this weekend. “That’s where you’re going to shoot, ok?” Berryhill pointed at an open spot in the cow pasture for Levi to aim.

“Alright, everybody cover your ears — it’s going to be loud,” he said. Levi pulled the trigger and fired a shot into the distance. “There you go, good shot,” said Berryhill as he patted his son on the back.

Berryhill told WHNT News 19 he’s glad the photo shows what his family is all about and he wants voters to see firsthand that he supports the Second Amendment. “Just like a baseball bat, a football and stuff like that, it’s just part of life especially here in Alabama.”

Berryhill is a former Army sergeant and a former police officer. He also spent time working for the Alabama Department of Conservation.


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