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YMCA Bosses Address Black Mold Concerns, Announce Renovations

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Black mold at a pre-school! The thought of it immediately gets the attention of parents. The discovery of black mold prompted the YMCA to immediately close a center in northwest Huntsville last year. Parents are wondering what’s taking so long.

The parents contacted WHNT News 19 to take action and find out.

The YMCA Northwest pre-school building has remained dark and quiet since last October. The silence concerned parents.

“The YMCA’s first priority is for the health and safety of our children and also for the staff who care for them,” said YMCA Spokeswoman Mary Anne Swanstrom.

Swanstrom confirmed workers discovered black mold.

“Immediately, we shut the facility down, made sure everyone was out, so we could mitigate the issue,” added Swanstrom.

YMCA Management split the staff and children into two groups. Management temporarily transferred one group to a facility downtown and the other to a facility in south Huntsville.

Parents expected their children would return to their home facility in March. Seven months later the building remains closed as workers renovate the inside.

“That`s going to take care of the problems and create a beautiful center for the children in this community,” added Swanstrom.

The renovations will cost $150,000. The YMCA only has a pre-school. The city of Huntsville owns YMCA’s building on Blue Spring Road. The city and YMCA administrators are splitting the cost of renovations.


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