Hero Bus Driver Saves Toddler Wandering In Street

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GRESHAM, Ore. (CNN) - A transit bus driver in Oregon came to the rescue of a toddler wandering in the street recently, and the whole thing was caught on surveillance video.

It's enough to stop your heart - seeing a toddler walking in the middle of Linden Avenue in Gresham, heading straight for a busy street.

But driver Bill Clark stopped the bus and rushed out to stop the little boy.

He shook his head in disbelief as he watched the surveillance video of the event.  Clark says his instincts kicked in.

"To be honest with you, from the time I saw the child I'm not sure I looked out to see the other cars, I was concentrating on him. I think there was a good possibility he could have gotten hit," Clark said.

It happened around 8:15 a.m. last Friday.  Police say the boy wandered out of his apartment while his dad was sleeping.  Clark says the 2-year-old didn't seem scared, but couldn't tell him where he lived.

So he took the boy to the nearby Gresham transit station to wait for police and DHS workers.


Clark tried to keep the little boy entertained and brought him snacks.

"I just kept asking him if he liked juices, finally got around to hot chocolate and he goes "chocolate" and that's when I knew he liked hot chocolate," Clark said.

A city bus driver for nearly seven years - and a Greyhound driver for 10 years before that - Clark thinks there's nothing heroic about what he did.

"I would hope that anybody, when you see this video, that anybody who sees what you're going to see would do the same thing, would have the instincts and the inclination to at least stop and block him from going out in the middle of Division Street," Clark said.

Transit police have submitted a commendation for Clark.


  • Sue

    Thank GOD Mr. Clark got that little boy out of the street! He could have easily gotten hit! Poor little boy did not even realize he was in danger. Yes you are certainly a HERO Mr. Clark! I am so glad you acted fast.

  • samuel treas

    when on your normal commute to work or school take a moment to thank your local bus driver he/she is the eyes and ears in your community the police often turn to transit agencys for help in locating crmienals and missing persons with great success

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