Graduating After The Storm


LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Friends and family members gathered at the Robert Earl Grisham Stadium to see their loved ones graduate.

The Lauderdale County High School class of 2014 went through some difficult times this year, including the April 28, 2014 tornados.

And even though some students weren’t affected by the storm, that wasn’t the case for senior Ryanne Atkins.

“Everybody else came back the day after. But living in the Liimestone area, I had to kind of take a day to help clean up and get our stuff together and get our family together. Cause like having no power or anything, everybody just had to help each other out,” said Atkins.

It’s a lesson Atkins didn’t learn at school, but it helped her among with the other ninty-six seniors at the school reach this milestone.

“I’m really excited. Despite everything that happened, it’s just really exiciting to be able to move pass that and have like a day where everbody can just be together,” said Atkins.

A day this graduating class will never forget.

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