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Downtown Huntsville Inc. Seeks Partner for ‘Pocket Park’ Concept

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Downtown Huntsville Inc has an idea to transform the neglected promenade adjacent to the former Heritage Club building off Washington Street downtown in to a micro-park and courtyard for the public to enjoy.

Downtown Huntsville Inc.'s Chad Emerson says every city needs those triples and home runs and grand slams for a successful downtown - those big projects. But you also need lots of good singles and doubles, Emerson says.

"Simpler projects that still add to the experience in downtown. Great downtowns have pocket parks - little simple parks, not over programmed, not huge - just a place e to come and relax."

The owners of the small parcel of land in the center of the city near the back alleyway of Humphrey's Bar and Grill offered to donate the use of the plot if the city turned it in to something once the whole community could use.

Partners at Goodwyn Mills Cawood Services have drawn up some proposals for the park. The idea is to make the space level, add some attractive landscaping, seating and even some art to make the concept come to life. The ideas are there - Downtown Huntsville Inc. just needs to find a donor.

"We're looking for a partner whether it be an individual or whether it be a corporation or foundation to help us reach the $25,000 goal to turn this into one of the nicest pocket parks you'll find anywhere."

If you're interested in helping to make the park happen, you can contact Chad Emerson at


  • Missy Pollick

    How about a pocket movie theater/library? A place where one can go leave books and share. Plus decorate with Huntsville history facts and pictures. Small place to play old movies as well at night during the week.

  • Nuclear Mike

    If a person would just travel up & down the Memorial Parkway one would see that there are almost countless locations where this requested $25,000.00 would do more good for many more than the few in Downtown!

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