Muscle Shoals Enforcing New Nuisance Ordinance

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MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WHNT) - In northwest Alabama, a city has taken an unprecedented stand against nuisance properties and the items that litter them.

It`s every home owners fear - next to their manicured lawn lies a lot that is unkempt and infringing on their property.

In the fall, the Muscle Shoals City Council addressed this issue and inspectors are enforcing the new ordinance for the first time this spring.

“If I had a high grass next to me, I would be complaining about it also. And we`re not picking on anybody, we just want them to do what they are supposed to do,” stated Crosswhite.

Muscle Shoals Building Inspector Tandy Crosswhite said his inspectors have written nearly 60 citations for lots with grass more than 12-inches high inside the city limits since April.

He said once cited, property owners have 14-days to clean-up their lot or face a fine of $100 and court costs.

If the owner fails to keep their lot clean, Crosswhite said fines can grow to $500 and possible jail time.

“Basically what this is for is the repeat offender. We were having the same people over and over every year,” explained Crosswhite.

It`s an ordinance officials said will help clean-up the city and hopefully keep it that way.

Muscle Shoals officials said the new ordinance addresses junk as well.

Any metal, vehicle, or building materials that are rusted, wrecked or inoperable will be considered junk and addressed by inspectors with a possible citation and fine.


  • Acdldriver

    How about County Commissioners who don’t use trash bags and just dump food into their garbage cans?? Check out River Rd.

  • shelia

    yeah lets put people in jail who don’t mow there grass all the time, but let the drug deaalers and thevies run free that sounds about right.

  • John Beard

    Jail time for not mowing grass???? What if I like my grass high???

    I think everybody’s house color should be the same and all should be siding not brick. All cars should get 50 miles to the gallon and be the same color and make. Roofs should all be metal and replaced every two years and on and on… The question is where do they stop telling you how to live and what you should do…
    If its your property they should leave you the hell alone. The only time anything should be said or done in when there is a “real” health problem not because someone doesn’t like what you are doing with your own property!!!!

  • Jenn wilson

    We had to put up a privacy fence to detour the “Samford and son” neighbor we have. I am totally embarrassed when we have friends and family over and they have overgrown brush and rusted out cars to catch their attention. We were neighborly enough to have a professional remove some trees that could have posed a problem to their property and vehicles, but they do not return the same views on the property. I would love for the county to set this ordinance in Lauderdale.

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