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Marshall County Takes A New Approach To Finding Animals Homes

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Marshall County is taking a new approach to finding dogs and cats forever homes.

It's very loud inside the back rooms at the Guntersville Animal Hospital.

The hospital, along with other veterinarian offices across the county, takes in animals from the county's animal control and keeps them while they wait to be adopted out.

Lately, a new county program has helped move a lot of the cats and dogs out of cages and into homes.

"This is the first time Marshall County has had a program going on and we're in the first phases of it, and we started the program a couple of months ago on," Commission Chair James Hutcheson says.

After pets arrive at the animal hospital or other veterinarian offices, a major step in letting families know the animals are available is to help them make their online debut - on

So far that's been successful. "I'm going to be giving a monthly report and last month we took in 79 animals and we adopted all but ten of them out," Hutcheson says.

Commissioners say this new program is already a good thing for the county. "I'm very excited about this program," Hutcheson says, "I think it will give the people of Marshall County a good feel for how many animals we've taken in, and just how serious the problem is, and we're concerned about it and we're trying to do something about it."

Doing something about it to make sure those dogs and cats will have a forever home.

If you're interested in adopting one of the pets, you can go follow this link to and enter in a city or zip code. 

Guntersville Animal Hospital also adopts out dogs and cats. To reach them to learn more about that process, call (256) 582-3184.


  • Beverly A. Vargas-Lance

    I think that you have a wonderful program there and I wish you well with it.. I wish that we had something like that here in south Fl. like your program, that would save some many healthy pets… Thank all for caring…

  • mamac

    I hope ever who is there gets these dogs and cats out and puts grass under there feet.I cannot stand to know that they never get out that is so sad..But I wish you well with this.

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