Many Americans Believe It’s ‘OK’ To Die


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – All of us will die, but how many of us will be prepared to go? An Emergency Room doctor discussed ‘end of life’ concerns Wednesday. Dozens showed up to find ways to make the process of dying easier. Many believe it’s ok to die.

Ten thousand baby boomers reach social security age every day. Some shared lunch at Trinity United Methodist Church to talk about death.

“I`m a cancer patient. I want to make preparations for my family, so they won`t have any problems when I go,” said Merrill Moore.

You may know people will die, pass or crossover, but have a hard time talking about it.

Monica Murphy is an ER doctor. Murphy held her grandmother in her arms one day until she died.

“One-hundred percent of us are born and 100% of us will die,” said Dr. Murphy.

The doctor believes we do a good job talking about births, planning baby showers and buying baby items.

“It`s a time of celebration. In contrast, no one talks about death and dying. Therefore, no plans are made. If you don`t plan, things seldom turn out well,” added Dr. Murphy.

Moore went to the Huntsville Hospital-sponsored ‘End of Life’ event.

“I have learned that I need to talk more with my family about my wishes and what I want my life to be when I can`t make the decisions for myself,” added Moore.

Dr. Murphy discussed the 90/70 rule. She cites a study showing 90% Americans say they want to die in their home. Statistics show 70% of Americans die in a medical facility.


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