Downtown Redevelopment Sites Draw “Huge” Response From Developers

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Holiday Inn across from Big Spring Park has closed and sits vacant.  Now, we wait to see what will go there.

The City of Huntsville has released a RFP, or Request for Proposals. This step will invite developers from all over the country to submit redevelopment proposals for the site.

What will they suggest? It could be a hotel, it could be lofts.  It could be a combination or something entirely different — we’ll just have to wait and see, according to Chad Emerson, CEO of Downtown Huntsville, Inc.

“That’s the beauty of the RFP proposal – a request for proposal process – because it’s a blank slate – and you can build from the strategic site, overlooking the park, and decide what fits there best,” Emerson said.

“We think it will be one of the most popular sites that’s ever been made available in downtown, because what is really does is it bookends Big Spring Park with the square/Big Spring Park east with the southwestern end – so we think it’s going to be a really, well sought-after site,” Emerson added.

A few blocks north from the Holiday Inn site sits the partially demolished  Coca-Cola bottling plant at the corner of Clinton Avenue and Monroe Street.

Emerson says  an out-of-town developer has an option to purchase the nine-acre site but there are still negotiations going on for the site. He says the bottling plant site is among a handful of "gateway properties" that tell visitors they are entering downtown.

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  • Nuclear Mike

    And the decsion has already been made it seems with the help and guidance of Downtown, Inc….

  • bsg21

    Baseball stadium. We don’t need another hotel or another over priced place to live or eat downtown. We need something sports related so people don’t die of boredom here in a year.

  • jermaine

    i think a movie theater would be a good ideal right there . i stay off homes ave . and have to drive me and my family across town to go see a movie. i think a base ball stadium would be nice or even . a play ground for kids

  • BamaBill71

    I want to see a nice baseball stadium for one of the sites. Huntsville is left behind other regional cities without a new park. It ill attract droves of people downtown.

    • Bob

      It’s called “Editorializing”. Instead of just reporting the news, WHNT has gotten into the bad habit injecting their stories with opinion.

  • JB

    We desperately need a new baseball stadium to add to the list of downtown activities. It would be nice to go to a baseball game, go grab a bite to eat downtown, then go see a concert at te VBC, followed by going out to a couple of bars. A more centrally located baseball stadium would probably attract more people from all parts of Huntsville to downtown, not to mention folks who live east on 565/72. Also, food trucks and local breweries could shine at a downtown baseball park.

  • Christina

    Downtown stadiums are eyesores that take away from the historic charm of older cities like Huntsville and dominate their skylines. The traffic flow situation would also deter someone like me from that area. A movie theater, jazz/dance club (a classy one), park extension, row of smaller, more affordable retail spaces suitable for local businesses, or any number of other things would be preferrable.

  • Stacey Jones

    Pretty soon Huntsville is going to be known as the “City to Eat and Sleep”. There is literally nothing for families to do in this city. You would think as big as the city is and as much technology around they could come up with family oriented attractions. We have enough restaurants and hotels. Everything seems to be catered to grown folks. What about a water park, amusement park (indoor or outdoor) or something like a Dave and Busters or some interactive museums?

    • Nuclear Mike

      Correct…there is llittle Famly Entertainment planning done for the City as that does not produce the profit margins all the “insiders/developers” seek for their own enrichment. The Insiders want the Federal expense money in their pockets while Huntsville cannot develop its’ own manufacutring personality independent of war & space as it once had with the mills.

  • David Andrews

    NO to a downtown baseball stadium. If it’s such a great idea why are the Huntsville Stars leaving? The answer of course is lack of support from the community (and poor promotion). If Joe Davis were overflowing with paying fans, it might make sense; but of course that is not the case. Why would fiscally responsible person want to spend $30-40 million taxpayer dollars to build a downtown stadium and then find it empty because there is NO TEAM to play in it! Mayor Battle and the ‘bobble head dolls” that we call a city council think any redevelopment they hear about is worth pursuing because it’s “other peoples money” they are spending. Again, if it’s such a great idea find a team and a team owner that can finance the stadium themselves, not with taxpayer dollars. The city is already up to their necks in debt.

  • JustSayingS0

    Move the parking structure that currently eats up the view of Big Spring Park to the Coke site and build something with lots of pulic use space and the most superb view of Big Spring Park where that ugly parking structure currently stands. Then use the rest of the Coke space for a new ice stadium for the Huntsville Havoc…who actually have a publlic following for their games and if there is room leftover, go ahead and have your baseball stadium toward the back, kids!

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