Sierra Club Founded On This Day in 1892; Protest of Tar Sands Mining Scheduled

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Today is an important day among people concerned about the environment and natural beauty.

It’s the day a conservationist named John Muir founded the Sierra Club in 1892, to protect and promote national parks across the country.

Recently, the Alabama Chapter of the Sierra Club received thousands of dollars to promote the environment here through a grant of nearly $14,000.

It’s a lobbying grant to be used to promote environmental causes.

That includes the Alabama Rivers Alliance, which works on the state’s water management plan.

The Sierra Club and Alabama Rivers Alliance support efforts to clean up the natural environment all around the state of Alabama.  That includes the Elk River, which gets an annual clean-up by volunteers who remove tons of garbage and pollution thrown into it by people.

The Sierra Club is also involved in protesting something Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is on the record as interested in: tar sands mining.

In fact, local Sierra Club members are organizing an event on June 5th in Florence to speak out against the idea of tar sands mining.

They’re calling it a Citizens Rally to Stop Alabama Tar Sands Mining.

It will be at Wilson Park from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and it’s free to the public.

The program will include music, speakers and a candlelight vigil.

By the way, the North Alabama Sierra Club sets up all kinds of hikes throughout the year to get people out into the natural beauty of North Alabama.

Click here for the dates and times of the hikes through North Alabama.