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SEC Coaches Oppose Early Signing Day

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DESTIN, Florida -- The SEC will recommend an early signing date for football in December if the national conversation moves toward a supplemental signing day, associate commissioner Greg Sankey announced Wednesday. Our news partners at confirmed the news.

The SEC, however, does not want a supplemental signing date and hopes to keep the traditional model, which ends with a signing date in early February.

Coaches and athletic directors met during the day Wednesday and discussed the proposal, which was initially approved by coaches to be discussed by the athletic directors Tuesday.

The Conference Commissioners Association is scheduled to meet in the middle of June but an early signing date is not on the agenda.

"I hope it's not," SEC commissioner Mike Slivesaid.

The CCA could weigh a proposal from the ACC, which is recommending an early signing date of Aug. 1. The SEC is not in favor of that early date, either.

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