Low Turnout Expected for Tuesday’s Party Primaries

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-  Turnout for next Tuesday's party primaries could be as low as 15 percent.   That's the estimate from Marshall County Probate Judge Tim Mitchell for his county.

"The poll workers probably need to bring a book or whatever, crocheting,  because they are going to have a lot of free time probably," Mitchell says.

Mitchell says that absentee ballots are usually a good indicator of turnout.   So far only 76 people have voted absentee, that's far less than one percent of registered voters.

"Anything under 90 percent is low turnout but I would say according to that, maybe 15-20 percent of the voters."

That would be an extremely low turnout more comparable to a primary runoff than an actual primary.  Mitchell says it's surprising how little interest there seems to be in the primary considering many of those who win Tuesday will win the office outright.

"Especially on the Republican ballot there are several races that are contested.  And some of those offices do not have a Democrat candidate."

Many voters who don't vote Tuesday but go to the polls in November for the general election, might be surprised how many offices only have one choice.  In Marshall County there are five people running for revenue commissioner, all Republicans.  The winner of the nomination will face no opposition in November.


  • Jessee

    And this proves, once again, that your vote means nothing. The system cannot support its own dead weight anymore. But hey dont worry, honey booboo is still on and big brothers right around the corner.

  • Bill

    It’s no wonder that are country is so messed up. My mother used to say” Bad politicians get into office because GOOD people don’t get out and vote.
    No matter what the rest of the countries doing, folks in Alabama need to get out and vote!!! Even if it’s a primary!!
    If a person DOESN’T vote they don’t have a dog in the fight! If you don’t vote…….sit down and shut up!!!! You have NOTHING to say.

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